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Tricycle Lionelo KORI, Blue Navy

  • Tricycle Lionelo KORI, Blue Navy

    Code: LO 9279
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  • Versatile vehicle
    Lionelo Kori is a combination of a stroller and classic tricycle.
    Since you can change position of the seat by 180°, the child can travel in a forward- and rear-facing position.
    The product can be steered with an adjustable handle, but the child is allowed to pedal at the same time.
    When the small user is tall enough, you can detach the handle, footrest and bow, so that it can become a rider.
    Light structure and big maneuverability
    The structure of Lionelo Kori is based on a light and weldless frame, made of high-quality magnesium alloy. Large wheels of the product are supplied with rubber tubeless tires, based on high-quality PU. Thanks to a specially designed treat, the product demonstrates perfect adhesion performance.
    A front wheel is secured with a cover which acts as a mudguard.
    When the child is tired of pedaling, it can rest its legs against a handy footrest.
    Safe solutions
    Security of the child is provided by 3-point belts with covers and a detachable bow.
    Lionelo Kori’s handlebars have been equipped with anti-skidding pads.
    The product comes with a bell and efficient rear brakes. It is supplied with fluorescent elements improving visibility on the road.
    Lionelo Kori has undergone a multi-stage verification and tests in Intertek, an independent certifying laboratory.
    It satisfies requirements of the European security standard – EN 71.
    Comfort and wide range of accessories
    Comes with a detachable 3-level sunshade with an integrated light mesh and a 3-level backrest adjustment.
    The set also includes two baskets for indispensable items as well as a handy zip-up bag.
    Additionally the handle used to control the product can be supplemented with a mug or bottle holder.