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Mattress OVAL Buckwheat-coconut SILVER

  • Mattress OVAL Buckwheat-coconut SILVER

    Code: Silver125/75/9 T18DSL

    125x75x9 cm

    75x125 cm
    2-5 working days
  • Danpol oval mattress 125х75х9 cm buckwheat-foam rubber-coconut with SILVER cover

    The Silver cover is made of a unique knitted fabric, the structure of which includes silver ions.
    Due to the content of this element, the fabric acquires such properties as antibacterial, antistatic effect, thermoregulation.
    Such a cover not only prolongs the life of the mattress, but also has a beneficial effect on the child's body, providing a comfortable and healthy sleep.
    Thanks to the elastic structure of the knitted fabric, the cover fits the mattress perfectly.
    The fabric is unpretentious in care, tolerates washing well, retaining all useful properties, does not require ironing.
    Mattress composition : coconut fiber ; polyurethane foam; quilted cover with stitched border for better shape retention.
    Mattress thickness: 9 cm.
    The cover is white, removable, with a zipper.
    Mattress of average degree of rigidity, bilateral:

    1) The "GRYKO" side is made of 100% natural buckwheat hulls, which is located in special quilted square pockets and has the following properties:
    excellent breathability - does not allow sweating
    does not cake
    has properties to prevent spinal defects and support the treatment of already existing defects.
    2) the "KOKO" side is a mat made of coconut fiber, which, thanks to its structure, allows free air flow.
    This feature prevents the child from excessive sweating. The coconut deposit is certified according to Oko-tex Standard 100.
    Regardless of which side the child sleeps on, this mattress will contribute to his calm and healthy sleep.