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Stroller Coletto FADO ECO 2in1, 02

  • Stroller Coletto FADO ECO 2in1, 02

    Code: Coletto Fa Eco 02-RG
    Complete set
    2 in 1
    1-3 weeks
  • Multifunctional stroller, which is characterized by low weight - only 11.7 kg in the version with a carrycot.
     In addition, the carrycot has an extensive ventilation system, thanks to which you can perfectly match the supply of fresh air for your baby.
    Adjustable handle allows to adjust the height to the parent's height and maintenance-free gel wheels behave like air wheels, but without the risk of a puncture.
    Super light carrycot- 3.7 kg
    together with the frame it weighs only 11.7 kg.
    This is particularly important for parents who have to climb stairs every day, bringing a pram into their apartment.
    Despite its low weight, the Fado is a full-size stroller - the carrycot is 80 cm long.
    It is lined with soft cotton and a coconut mattress, which guarantees an appropriate microclimate around the child's skin and high travel comfort during walks.
    Air-conditioned carrycot
    Fado has built-in ventilation panels on the back of the canopy and in the legs, thanks to which you can perfectly adjust the ventilation to the conditions outside. When the wind blows from the side of the canopy, you can open the ventilation in the legs, which means that the baby will not be exposed to a draft. What's more, the bottom of the carrycot also has an adjustable air supply.
    Agile and light
    The aluminum frame weighs only 8 kg, which, combined with the swivel wheels and soft suspension, makes it easy to maneuver even on narrow and uneven pavements. Due to the low weight, it is even easier to drive up a hill or raise the front wheels - you can easily overcome the threshold of a shop, curb or enter a bus.
    The frame is available in three colors - copper, black or silver.
    Ventilation in the feet
    A panoramic window with a mesh will facilitate the air supply.
    Ventilation panel in the canopy
    Ensures adequate air circulation, especially during summer heat.
    Additional sunshade
    Depending on your needs, you can extend the second sunshade and observe the child thanks to the net.
    Wind collar
    Protect your baby from wind and cold by folding out the additional collar with a window and strapping it high in the canopy.
    Backrest adjustment in the carrycot
    It allows the back to be properly supported when the child tries to sit up on his own and observe the world.
    Flat folding
    It makes it easy to store and transport - it takes up little space when folded.
    Easy to detach
    Press the red buttons on both sides of the carrycot and lift the carrycot
    Adjustable handle
    It allows you to adjust your height to the parent's height. It is covered with easy-to-clean high-quality ecological leather.
    Front swivel wheels with blockade
    They provide maneuverability and ease of driving, and you can lock them when you need them.
    Convenient, roomy basket
    It can easily accommodate shopping and accessories useful during a walk. Closing with easy access.
    Soft suspension
    It adapts to uneven terrain, thanks to which the baby is not exposed to shocks.
    Small size after folding
    The quick folding system and compact dimensions after folding will facilitate everyday use.
    orward or rearward facing
    You can mount the seat forward or rearward facing
    Expandable canopy
    It protects the baby from wind and sun.
    Airy canopy in a seat unit
    The spacious ventilation panel will be perfect for summer walks.
    Tilted bumper
    You can remove the bumper completely or just tilt it on one side so that the junior can enter the stroller by himself.

    Stroller with a carrycot 11,7 kg
    Stroller with seat 12,8 kg
    Carrycot Height: 20 cm, Length-80 cm, Width 36 cm,
    Pushchair - backrest : Height 46 cm, Width 28 cm:
    Pushchair - seat: Length 32 cm, Width 28 cm;
    The height of the handle from the floor: 73-109 cm
    Size after folding: Height -27 cm, Length- 70 cm, Width -58 cm
    Rear wheels spacing: 58 cm
    In set:
    Gondola with a cover for the legs and a coconut mattress, which provides support for the child's spine and guarantees a high level of comfort.
    Stroller with a cover for legs, mounted on the structure or rearward facing.
    Additional accessories - bag, cup holder, mosquito net and rain cover.