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Stroller PRIME Blue, 3in1

  • Stroller PRIME Blue, 3in1

    Code: Prime 3945
    Complete set
    3 in 1
    2-5 working days
  • Stroller PRIME 3*1
    Easy to drive, spacious, maneuverable and compact stroller.
    - All wheels are gel.
    - Maneuverable front wheels to lock the wheels.
    - Adjustable height, EKO leather push handle.
    - Exceptionally spacious cradle. Internal dimensions of the cradle: 80x37 cm;
    - Soft, natural fabrics with antibacterial SILVER PLUS technology;
    - Cradle ventilation;
    - Crib mattress made of natural coconut fiber;
    - Easy attachment/removal of the cradle (only 2 fixation points);
    - The back of the cradle is adjustable, thanks to which you can raise the position of the baby's head;
    - Unified (sports part and cradle) protection against rain and mosquitoes;
    - The canopy descends easily and quietly (very relevant when the baby is sleeping);
    - Tight leg cover;
    - A comfortable and roomy bag for the baby's belongings.
    - A convenient carrying handle is integrated into the canopy of the cradle
    - .Inner dimensions of the cradle - 74x32x19 cm
    Sports part
    - A particularly spacious place for a baby to sit (39 cm wide);
    - A lot of vertical space inside the stroller - as much as 58 cm from the bottom of the seat to the canopy;
    - The length of the sports stroller in the lying position is 95 cm;
    - The folded stroller is extremely compact, takes up little space (89 x 60 x 38 cm);
    - Natural fabrics treated with SILVER PLUS technology. The inner lining of the sport allows air to pass through;
    - Spacious leg cover;
    - Adjustable back in 4 positions;
    - The position of the seat can be easily changed: in the direction of travel or facing the parents;
    - Wide, 5-point seat belts perfectly protect the baby;
    - The child sits high in the stroller, so:
    (a) it inhales less solid particles, which are abundant in the soil;
    b) it is healthy for parents' backs - there is no need to be hunched over for a long time during long walks;
    c) everything can be seen better from a higher stroller - curious little ones like it very much.
    - The protective canopy is raised and lowered easily and quietly, without waking the baby;
    - The roof has a detachable panoramic window, as well as a mosquito net built into the roof;
    - The handle of the sports part (bump) opens to the side - it became more convenient to put the child in the stroller;
    - Dimensions of the sports part - 95x39 cm/
    - Large and spacious leg cover.
    Car seat
    - Spacious place for a baby to sit (32 x 74 cm);
    - Natural fabrics of internal surfaces;
    - Rigid canopy that protects against bad weather;
    - Swing function;
    - Easy to remove and place the seat on the chassis;
    - Rigid leg covering;
    - The possibility of mounting in the car;
    Insect net
    Rain protection
    Cradle - 4.95 kg
    Sports part - 5.25 kg
    Car safety seat - 3.20 kg
    Chassis + wheels 8.80 kg,

    Brand: MILLI