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Door jumper Dasko BABYHOPSER, Blue

  • Door jumper Dasko BABYHOPSER, Blue

    Code: Dasko Blue
    2-5 working days
  • The swing jumper perfectly develops and strengthens the muscles and skeletal system of a small child.
    Designed for children aged 9 months to approximately 2 years.
    Maximum load 15 kg.
    Designed for jumping, not for swinging motion (typical swinging).
    The baby dances, spins and jumps every time it touches the floor.
    The toy will give rest to the parent, and the child - a lot of joy.
    Babyhopser is a Polish product.
    It has passed the appropriate durability tests.
    Has a positive conclusion from the Institute of Mother and Child.

    The jumper can be mounted in a doorway or arch
    The length is adjustable depending on the height of the child
    Strong spring that supports baby's play and jumps
    Installation with a strong hook
    Age: 9 months +
    Packing dimensions:32 0x 2cm / length 10cm height 32cm