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  • Cuddly Toy BabyOno FLAT RACOON FELIX

    Code: Ono 780
    2-5 working days
  • FELIX the raccoon – he is usually surprised by the development of the situation, but he adapts very well to the surroundings. Felix has a squeak, a rustle, a teether and colorful ribbons. It allows you to acquire new skills, from grip training, through stimulating the functioning of the gums using teethers with protrusions, to learning about different material textures. The toy is in clear, contrasting colors that develop the sense of sight, imagination and the ability to concentrate.

    The cuddly toy is part of the C: MORE collection, which was created with the child's proper psychomotor development in mind. Stimulates the senses of sight, touch and hearing. Thanks to the toys from the latest collection, we allow children to see more: C: MORE.

    The world according to the child:

    NEWBORN – sees what is in front of him at close range only in black and white.
    3 MONTHS - begins to see more clearly and recognize parents and colors.
    8 MONTHS - the image in front of the child's eyes becomes clearer, the toddler begins to practice eye-hand coordination.
    12 MONTHS - the child sees clearly in colors, but his eyesight fully develops at the age of 2.

    helps in learning visual, auditory and motor coordination,
    the toy has contrasting colors supporting the child's vision development,
    helps to practice motor skills and manual skills (grabbing, shifting),
    develops cognitive skills through stimulating textures and sounds,
    develops the child's imagination.
    Technical data:

    Material: polyester.
    Dimensions: width 20 cm x height 15 cm.
    Weight: 0.03 kg.