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Electric breast pump Babyono PICO 1485

  • Electric breast pump Babyono PICO 1485

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  • PICO electric breast pump

    The PICO three-phase electric breast pump

    No wires, no tubes, no protruding cables.

    This is a reliable breast pump in a modern design. It is very light, silent and comfortable, while its beautiful look will impress all mothers. The set includes a bottle with a teat and replaceable funnels in two sizes.

    See how convenient and efficient milk expression with a new PICO electric breast pump can be.


    There are 3 working modes available – massage, lactation stimulation and deep milk expression. A three-phase breast pump provides 9 suction power levels. Therefore you can adapt the product to your current needs.


    The PICO breast pump is silent and light. It consists of a few parts thanks to which it becomes user-friendly.


    As breastfeeding moms prioritize comfort, the set consists of funnels in two sizes: 21 mm and 24 mm. They are made of safe BPA-free materials. Choose the one that fits your nipple.


    The membrane and valve prevent milk from entering the pump. As a result you can be sure that milk expression is highly hygenic and safe.


    The screen of the breast pump is large and clear. It lets you see the working mode, control the suction power and check battery status. It is very easy to use the product.


    The set contains a milk bottle with a teat. You can serve milk to a baby straight away, with no need to pour it.

    Our breast pump is suitable for most bottles available on the market.


    You can take the PICO electric breast pump anywhere you go, also on a trip, as it comes with a built-in battery and does not have to be connected to the socket at all times. To make transportation easier, it is supplied with a handy bag.


    The three-phase breast pump can operate for up to 2 hours on a full battery. It offers an automatic shutdown mode (shutdown after 30 minutes). You can quickly charge it with a USB-C cable.


    We know how important aesthetics is. We have focused on both quality of materials and finish. Pink gold elements and subtle color of the housing make the product look elegant.

    Massage mode

    This working mode involves three massaging movements, followed by one suction movement. This mode is recommended to stimulate the breast to express more milk in short time, as well as to soothe pain in case of full breasts.

    Pumping mode

    This mode involves long and major movements that guarantee efficient milk collection.

    Lactation mode

    In this mode, the breast pump makes intensive yet minor movements to boost lactation and encourage milk glands in breasts to produce and release milk.

    Technical properties
    Content of the set:
    PICO breast pump
    silicone funnel with a diameter of 21 mm and 24 mm
    USB-C charging cable
    storage bag
    bottle 280-ml with a teat and cover
    balance 290 g
    top noise level - 53 dB
    1100 mAh battery
    working time on full battery: around 120 min.