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Stroller Camarelo OLLIO-02, 3in1

  • Stroller Camarelo OLLIO-02, 3in1

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    3 in 1
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  • DISCOVER - Camarelo's latest project - OLLIO

    For parents-to-be, the shape, color of the stroller are important.
    Of course, appearance matters, but above all, parents pay attention to functionality and safety.
    The OLLIO model was created with passion, characterized by effective and modern design, durable and thoughtful construction, comfort and full safety.
    OLLIO stroller is designed to give the child the joy of exploring the world, and parents the pleasure of strolling with a super stroller. The model fulfills a number of functions for ideal convenience, comfort of children of different ages from infant to toddler.
    The stroller is distinguished by a very interesting design, interesting colors, compact folding of the frame and, very importantly, a strong emphasis on safety.

    The stroller combines elegance, sporty chic and functionality, which is certainly a fundamental issue for parents.
    The innovative solutions we offer you: a new type of frame and innovative system of its folding, subdued upholstery with accents of glossy eco-leather in the carrycot, a new type of carrycot with wooden bottom with adjustable headrest and milled ventilation system makes this stroller worthy of attention. It handles perfectly on any terrain. It is equipped with gel wheels that will never get punctured.
    They are highly resistant to all weather and outdoor conditions, and require no special maintenance.
    Just drive! Improved suspension cushioning guarantees a smooth ride on various surfaces and high comfort for you and the little passenger.

    modern aluminum frame that folds down to a compact size
    elegant, durable and functional cover,
    spacious, adjustable canopy of the stroller seat and carrycot,
    ventilation panel in the booths,
    sun canopy in the booths,
    ventilation system in the bottom of the carrycot - adjustable,
    leg cover in carrycot and stroller seat,
    nursing bag in the color of upholstery,
    comfortable coconut mattress in carrycot,
    gel , comfortable, maintenance-free, puncture-resistant wheels,
    shock absorption system with the possibility of rigid locking,
    swivel front wheels,
    possibility to block the rotation of the front wheels,
    easy-to-use, intuitive foot brake,
    5-point safety belts in the pushchair,
    ergonomic knitted insert in the stroller version,
    spacious, easily accessible shopping basket.

    Stroller version:
    durable support for the child's back;
    Backrest adjustment from sitting to fully horizontal position;
    adjustable footrest;
    five-point safety belts with protectors;
    option to install the pushchair forward or backward facing;
    large canopy to shield from the sun;
    removable canopy;
    simple barrier detachment mechanism.

    spacious carrycot with multi-stage backrest adjustment and ventilation;
    simple and reliable carrycot attachment mechanism;
    coconut mat mattress;
    option to install the carrycot forward or backward facing;
    large flap for protection from wind or snow;
    ergonomic folding mechanism of the booth;
    detachable booth with zipper;
    ventilation window;
    100% cotton lining;
    carrycot handle
    adjustable canopy.

    front swivel fully 360°
    lockable swivel mechanism
    10" front wheels, 12" rear wheels

    weight of construction - 4.9 kg;
    weight of construction with basket and wheels - 8.5 kg;
    weight of carrycot - 4.8 kg;
    weight of pushchair - 4.6 kg;
    wheels - 3.4 kg
    The KITE 0-13kg Car Seat is a proven, comfortable and safe group 0+ car seat, which is very suitable for your child's first trip in the car.

    The car seat is equipped with a belt holding system, which will allow you to quickly and comfortably fasten the child.
    Thanks to the specially designed ergonomic handle, KITE can be used as a carrier, but also as a rocking chair.
    The KITE car seat meets the strictest safety standards, with an ECE R44/4 safety certificate, and is suitable for children weighing from 0 to 13kg.
    The seat is made of waterproof, abrasion-resistant stroller fabric.
    The soft upholstery provides maximum comfort for the child, and ensures safe and correct positioning in the seat.
    It is equipped with 3-point seat belts with soft pads, the belts have infinite length adjustment and height adjustment.
    The seat has an adjustable carrying handle, a detachable canopy, a leg cover and an additional reduction insert for the newborn.
    The advantage is also the possibility of removing the upholstery for washing.
    The seat, when placed on a level surface, has a cradle function, the rocking can be blocked by placing the handle behind the back.
    The KITE car seat is equipped with an ISOFIX attachment system and is compatible with an isofix base.
    Installation using IsoFIX is clearer.
    There is less risk of making a mistake, besides, the installation is instant and on top of that it is easy and convenient.
    The KITE car seat can be attached in three ways, through stable attachment to the Dock or ISOFIX base.
    It can also be attached with standard three-point seat belts, which is facilitated by the system used in the seat.

    The seat is compatible with most strollers available on our market and all Polish manufacturers.
    Approved in accordance with the ECE R44/04 certificate
    Additional reduction insert for the newborn baby
    3-point safety belts with soft pads
    Infinitely adjustable length of the belts
    Adjustable belt height
    Adjustable carrying handle
    Seat with cradle function
    Possibility to lock the cradle
    Leg cover
    Detachable booth
    Removable upholstery for cleaning
    Seat adapted for ISOFIX base
    Polish made product
    Weight: 3.5 kg