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Hooded towel BabyOno BAMBOO-100

  • Hooded towel BabyOno BAMBOO-100

    Code: BabyOno -346/03
  • Bamboo fiber forms an exceptionally soft and delicate coating, comparable to the touch of lye.
    Products from the new collection are distinguished by completely natural fabric (70% bamboo, 30% cotton), lightness, high moisture absorption and its rapid evaporation.
    Bamboo is one of the most valuable plants known for its healing properties.
    Due to the softness of bamboo fiber, it is necessary to observe the appropriate washing temperature in order to avoid the destruction of the soft structure.

    • Thermoregulatory properties: in summer it gives a feeling of coolness, and in winter it warms
    • Hypoallergenic properties: for children with problem skin
    • Bactericidal properties: odor resistant
    • Environmentally friendly
    Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm
    BabyOno, Poland