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Mattress KOMFORT RING Ø 75

  • Mattress KOMFORT RING Ø 75

    Code: Komfort Ø 75/8-T18MP

    Ø  75x10 cm

    75x75 cm
    2-5 working days
  • Since coconut is an ally for healthy and comfortable sleep, the more the merrier, right?
    KOMFORT II is a two-sided mattress that is made of two coconut panels with polyurethane foam in between.
    Coconut chip board is an ecological material, the structure of which allows air to circulate freely, so moisture does not stay on the surface of the mattress.
    By combining coconut fiber with natural latex, the mattress becomes resistant to damage caused by long-term pressure.
    The elegant cover made of quilted fabric is esthetin
    Mattress structure:
    1 Quilted fabric – every detail counts: Just because a mattress is mostly hidden under a sheet doesn't mean it can't be beautiful! We focus on bright colors and delicate stitching. The fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch.
    2 Coconut Layer - Coconut fiber is one of the best materials used in the manufacture of mattresses!
    Provides ventilation, does not develop mites, does not retain moisture and odors
    Structure based on coconut fibers and natural latex is resistant to pressure damage, therefore it provides good support to the spine
    3 Polyurethane foam layer - does not collect dust and does not allow mites to multiply
      It is difficult to choose the appropriate softness of the mattress: foam rubber has a different degree of rigidity
      The highest quality polyurethane foam breaks stereotypes about foam mattresses!
      Provides sufficient rigidity of the mattress, supports the proper development of bones, flexible and resistant to deformation
      Certified product for children - a guarantee of safety!
    4 Coconut layer - coconut fiber
    5 Quilted fabric
    The mattress recommended for the child - helps to prevent posture defects 
    Dimensions: Ø  75 x 10  cm.

    Color - white.
    DANPOL, Poland.