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Chicco Baby highchair BABY HUG PRO 5in1, White Cream

  • Chicco Baby highchair BABY HUG PRO 5in1, White Cream

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  • An exclusive 5 in 1 solution that simplifies your daily life.

    Chicco Baby Hug Pro 5in1 – a multifunctional crib with even greater capabilities
    Baby Hug Pro 5in1 is an improved version of the best-selling multifunctional bed from the Italian brand Chicco.
    In the new version, it has received the additional function of separating the crib from the frame, thanks to which you can freely move it to any corner of the house and, therefore, always have your child with you.
    The multifunctional Chicco Baby Hug Pro 5in1 will serve you and your child as:
    Daytime crib (0-6 months)
    This is a cozy and safe place for your newborn to take a peaceful nap. The bed has non-slip feet that provide stability and are ideal for babies, providing them with a good sleeping environment.
    Portable crib with non-slip feet (0-6 months)
      Thanks to the ability to slide the bed out of the frame, you can easily move it between floors of your home. It is also ideal as a baby cot.
    Chaise lounge with adjustable backrest (0-6 months)
    This bouncer mode is an ideal solution, especially for children who have difficulty spilling food. Thanks to the adjustable backrest position, your baby will be comfortable while feeding and resting.
    High chair (from 6 months to 3 years)
    Once your baby can sit up on his own, you can turn the Baby Hug Pro into a comfortable high chair. The option of purchasing a tray and cover to protect the upholstery makes it an ideal solution for a longer period of time.
    Seat for older children (from 6 months to 36 months)
    When your child sits and walks, the Baby Hug Pro becomes a comfortable seat from which your child can climb down and sit down independently. It's a solution that grows with your baby.
    Seat level adjustment
    The Baby Hug Pro allows you to adjust the seat at three different levels, which is especially helpful for babies with acid reflux. You can set it up as a lounger, recliner, or car seat.
    Multiple levels of height adjustment
    The product allows you to smoothly adjust the seat height in 4 different configurations, adapting to the needs of both the child and the parent.

    Baby Hug Pro 5in1 is equipped with an arch with three new, stylish and soft toys. This not only adds charm to the whole structure, but also entertains the baby, stimulating his curiosity and developing his senses. The electronic panel has the function of activating both sound effects (6 lullabies and 6 cheerful musical sounds) and lighting effects. Thanks to them, your child will not get bored in bed between naps.
    Possibility of constant monitoring of the child
    It is equipped with four wheels, thanks to which you can move around the apartment with a sleeping baby, constantly monitoring him.
    In Baby Hug Pro 5in1 you can also watch your baby freely thanks to the mesh cover, the main function of which is to ventilate the interior of the crib. Thanks to this, your child will have constant access to fresh air and, as a result, will not overheat during sleep.
    Easy to keep clean
    The bed cover is easily removed and washed at 30 degrees, which ensures hygiene and cleanliness.

    Thanks to Baby Hug PRO, parents gain more freedom and convenience in the daily care of their baby. By choosing this product, you are investing in the comfort and safety of your child throughout the first many months and years of life.

    Technical data:
    Height: 88 - 122 cm.
    Width: 65 cm
    Length: 85 cm
    Weight: 10.2 kg