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Stroller Lionelo MIKA 3in1 Dreamin

  • Stroller Lionelo MIKA 3in1 Dreamin

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  • Multi-functional pram 3in1 Lionelo Mika with child safety seat Lionelo Astrid in the set
    Lionelo Mika 3 in 1 is a light and user-friendly pram for any kind of terrain.
    The lower center of gravity causes the model to be very stable and smoothly react to maneuvering despite its low weight.
    You can use it for a long time – a strong aluminum frame and a comfortable seat are suitable for a child from its birth until the age of about 4.
    The 3in1 set includes a spacious carrycot, ergonomic stroller and safe child safety seat – Lionelo Astrid. The structure of the pram complies with the European standard EN 1888.
    Comfortable carrycot for any time of the year
    The carrycot with a waterproof sunshade (with UPF 50+ filter) and windproof leg cover performs well in any weather conditions.
    The interior is home to a comfortable mattress, 2 cm thick, with a cotton case, soft enough for a baby from its first days of life.
    The carrycot is fixed on the frame with the use of handy height adapters which facilitate access to the child and do not overload the spine.
    Another advantage is possibility of carrying the child in the carrycot, as per the standard EN 1466:2014+AC:2015.
    Adjustable stroller
    The stroller seat can be installed in a forward- or rear-facing position, as per the parent’s or child’s needs.
    Full adjustment of the backrest and footrest allows unfolding the seat to reach the flat position, while an additional seat liner takes care of the child’s comfort.
    The footrest is based on a durable and waterproof fabric – highly resistant to dirt.
    5-point belts with soft guards and a detachable bow (on one or two sides) guarantee security.
    Pushing the pram gets even more convenient thanks to possible adjustment of handle weight, whereas a spacious basket under the seat is ideal for everyday shopping.
    Emphasis must also be placed on the structure of a massive sunshade with an additional panel and ventilation – perfect for summer and winter.
    Fast folding to compact size
    Cushioned maintenance-free wheels with tread and a layer of durable rubber make family walks in unknown terrains enjoyable for a long time.
    Thanks to reflections, the pram is also visible when it gets dark. Another unquestionable advantage is the fact that you can quickly fold it with one hand together with the stroller seat – all you need to do is lower the handle and pull the grip under the seat.
    Such a system and the shoulder strap support you when going upstairs with the child.
    Eventually you cannot forget about handy accessories – rain cover, mosquito net, two leg covers (for the carrycot and stroller) and child safety seat adapters make you ready for any situation.