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Silicone night lamp InnoGIO GIO Dino

  • Silicone night lamp InnoGIO GIO Dino

    Code: InnoGIO 110
  • GIODino is one of the newest models of InnoGIO lamps.
    The 8-color luminous dinosaur will be a great companion for your child when he falls asleep.
    The lamp has 3 lighting modes.
    The lamp does not heat up.
    Its delicacy to touch makes children very happy to hug it.

    The cute dinosaur will also be useful on the go, thanks to the built-in battery, it can be conveniently and quickly charged using the micro USB cable (included), even in the car.

    Safety and fun

    The soft, flexible, BPA-free silicone from which the lamp is made ensures the safety of use even for the smallest children. On the other hand, changing the colors by touching the lamp with your hand is very fun not only during the evening bedtime ritual.


    Charges via micro USB cable (included)
    Touch switch to change the light color
    It glows in 8 colors, gradually changing color every three seconds
    It has three modes of operation
    Lighting time up to 10h (when fully charged)
    Product dimensions (L x W x H) 14.90 x 10.00 x 15.80 cm