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Rattle BamBam 3 pcs

  • Rattle BamBam 3 pcs

    Code: BamBam 515014
  • Intended for babies from ė months.
    In intense colors, with various material textures and various shapes.
    It contains interactive elements that encourage the little one to play, promoting the development of his visual, auditory and motor skills.
    The handle ensures easy grip and holding of the rattle in small hands.

    In the package ę pc.
    Made of BPA-free plastic.

    Keep the toy clean. Before first use, wash under running water with a mild detergent and rinse well.
    In order to maintain hygiene, the chewer should be washed regularly with a soft brush or sponge, adding a delicate liquid.
    The product is not suitable for washing in a dishwasher, cooking, disinfecting or heating in a microwave oven.
    The product can only be used under adult supervision
    Never leave in direct sunlight (direct sunlight), direct heat
    Before giving the chew to the child, check its quality. If it is worn, damaged or chewed, replace it with a new one.