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Newborn Starter Set AVENT Natural Response Air Free vent SCD657/11

  • Newborn Starter Set AVENT Natural Response Air Free vent SCD657/11

    Code: Avent 657/11
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  • Philips Avent Natural Response
    Bottle (plastic Air Free Vent) giftset for newborns SCD657/11
    Flows like a breast, aids to reduce feeding issues

    Provides calm, comfortable feeds. The Natural Response Teat supports the baby's unique suck, swallow and breathe rhythm, while the AirFree vent is designed keep air away from their tummy for extra protection against colic, gas and reflux.
    Natural latch on with the breast-shaped teat
    The wide, soft and flexible teat is designed to mimic the shape and feel of a breast, helping the baby to latch on and feed comfortably.
    Teat releases milk when baby actively drinks
    The Natural Response Teat works with your baby's natural feeding rhythm, making it easy to combine breast feeding and bottle feeding. The teat has a unique opening which only releases milk when the baby actively drinks. So when they pause to swallow and breathe, the milk pauses too.
    Designed to reduce feeding issues
    The AirFree vent is designed to offer extra protection against feeding issues by preventing air from getting into your little one's tummy whilst feeding in an upright position
    Choose the right teat flow for your baby
    Every baby feeds differently and develops at their own pace. We've designed a range of flow rates so you can find the perfect one for your baby and personalise your bottle. All of the Natural Response Teats are made of soft silicone.
    No-drip teat design prevents spills and lost milk
    The teat opening is designed to release milk only when the baby is feeding. So you can confidently avoid milk loss whether at home or on the go.
    Compatible across the Philips Avent range
    Mix and match our breast pump, bottle and cup parts and create the product that works for you, when you need it.
    Easy to hold even for little hands
    The ergonomic bottle is easy to grip at any angle to give maximum comfort during feeding. Easy for your hands and tiny hands to hold.
    Simple to use, easy to clean and quick to assemble
    Wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy. Only a few parts for quick and simple assembly, as AirFree vent is a single piece.
    Natural Response Teats and Bottles are BPA free*
    The Philips Avent Natural bottles and teats are made of BPA free* material.
    Be patient as your baby adjusts
    Our new Natural Response Baby Bottles are different from free-flow baby bottles. Just like breastfeeding, it could take a few tries to get it right. That's perfectly natural.
    125 ml Baby Bottle-2 pcs
    260 ml Baby Bottle-2 pcs
    Flow 2 teat-2 pcs
    Flow 3 teat-2 pcs
    Brush-1 pcs
    Гltra soft soother 0–6 m-1 pcs