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Music lamp-projector MOON

  • Music lamp-projector MOON

    Code: Tima 8665
    2-5 working days
  • An amazing gift for a little child, fairy-tale fun and practical use in everyday life. A good calmer that arouses interest with light and sound.

    A lamp for a small child's room is a very important element. It must evoke friendly associations and create a positive mood. It's great to combine several solutions in one.

    This amazing product is unique, it has three functions:
    a lamp with a rotating image of flying bees
    a projector displaying pictures of fairy-tale animals
    music box with 8 high-quality soundtracks (lullaby and nature sounds)

    A great gift for a newborn or a slightly older child - it develops the sense of sight and hearing and musicality, and at the same time helps calm the child by distracting him from an unpleasant event.

    Thanks to the adjustable clasp (on the back of the lamp/projector), it can be hung, for example, on a bed or placed in a convenient place. We obtain a gentle illumination of the room, which allows you to perform various activities in the child's room without disturbing his sleep or drowsy mood.

    Fairy-tale colors attract the baby's attention and create a nice, safe atmosphere. The projector showing the image delights and stimulates the imagination. Pleasant melodies and sounds soothe and make you sleepy.

    volume control (two levels)
    working time adjustment (10/15/20min)
    adjustable light brightness and speed
    8 high quality soundtracks
    3 music modes (lullaby, nature sounds, lullaby + nature sounds)
    adjustable clasp for attaching to a bed or other place

    package dimensions: 25 cm x 22 cm x 9 cm
    power supply: 3 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included)