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Breast Pads Canpol ,50+10 pcs

  • Breast Pads Canpol ,50+10 pcs

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  • Canpol babies ultra absorbent breast pads provide protection and a unique 3x faster feeling of dryness and freshness during the day and at night.
     They are very thin, thanks to which they are discreet and invisible under underwear and clothes. The breast pads have 7 protective layers, including an ultra absorbent insert that absorbs liquids quickly and retains moisture inside the pad for a long time.
    The soft top layer is gentle for the skin and breathable, allowing the skin to breathe freely and does not irritate sensitive breasts.
    The anatomical 3D shape increases wearing comfort and makes the pad fit perfectly to the shape of the breast.
    The double adhesive strip keeps the pad in place, preventing it from moving inside the bra, thus protecting underwear and clothing from dirt, ensuring hygiene and comfort of use.
    Canpol babies breast pads do not delaminate when filled with liquid and retain their original shape. Each pad is packed separately for maximum hygiene.
    Remember, breast pads should be changed regularly and disposed of after use. Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness. The product is not a toy. Keep away from reach of children