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BaliBazoo LADYBUG Stroller Toy-pendant with vibration

  • BaliBazoo LADYBUG Stroller Toy-pendant with vibration

    Code: Dumel 80171
  • A cute and funny face, bright saturated colors, various textures of the material that are pleasant to the touch - why not give your baby such a wonderful toy
    The model has a size of 22 cm and is made of durable, safe and high-quality materials: textiles and plastic.
    Its feature is the ability to vibrate - for this, just pull the ring.
    In addition, the toy is equipped with hard elements that can be chewed on and rustling parts.
    Games with such a rattle contribute to the development of visual, tactile and auditory perception, and also give a lot of positive emotions.
    It is easy to take care of the toy, always keeping it hygienically clean.
    Age: from birth
    Material: textile and plastic
    Dimensions: 22 cm.
    Manufacturer: Bali Bazoo
    Made in: Poland