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Canpol Baby Bottle 240 ml ANTI-COLIC 35/217

  • Canpol Baby Bottle 240 ml ANTI-COLIC 35/217

    Code: Canpol-35/217 Beige
    2-5 working days
  • EasyStart Anti-colic Bottle is light, durable and transparent.
    It is made of safe BPA-free polypropylene.
    The teat is made of soft and safe silicone.
    It is equipped with a silicone teat 3m+ that resembles mum's breast. Thanks to that, it allows to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. It is equipped with an effective anti-colic system.
    Efficient anti-colic valve prevents the formation of air bubbles in the food, reduces colic, excessive reflection and accumulation of gases.
    Facilitates combined breast and bottle feeding. Its shape resembles a mother’s breast
    Profiled shape ensures correct holding during bottle feeding.
    Wide opening makes it easier to wash and fill the bottle.
    Readable and accurate scale enables quick food preparation.
    The bottle is made of safe, modern material. It is light and transparent.
    Compatible with Canpol babies EasyStart breast pumps.
    Capacity: 240ml.
    Product free of Bisphenol A
    Dishwasher safe
    Suggested age from 3 months
    Microwave safe
    The bottle fits to the Easy&Natural electric breast pump, EasyStart electric breast pump and Basic manual breast pump. The possibility of direct pumping into the bottle facilitates the safe feeding of a baby with freshly pumped mother’s milk. Available in several color variants. The bottle can be disintected and heated in a microwave (the bottle should be open). Bottle can be washed in a dishwasher (max. temp. 65℃). It is not recommended to place the teat in a dishwasher. Fruit juices or teas may leave sediments or discolorations on the bottle/teat, which does not change its properties. The bottle has been produced in the European Union.
    NOTE! The Canpol babies brand recommends breastfeeding as the healthiest form of feeding. It recommends starting to give the milk in an alternative form only after consultation with a doctor, midwife or pharmacist, when breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient.

    Before first and each use wash all parts of the product and disinfect them. Place for 5 min in boiling water. This is to ensure hygiene. Clean before each use. Boiling and hard water may create lime scale effect. Wash all parts thoroughly with clean water, including areas that may be invisible but where food has passed, to remove any food residues. After using, remove the remaining food from the bottle and the teat, rinse, wash and disinfect in a steam/electric sterilizer or in boiling water. Bottle can be washed in dishwasher (max. temp. 65℃). It is not recommended to place the teat in a dishwasher. Hard chemicals / detergents may damage the product. . Do not use any antibacterial agents. Inspect the feeding teat before each use and pull the feeding teat in all directions. Especially when the baby has teeth. Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness. Do not tighten up the bottle locking ring, as it may disturb the teat’s ventilation. Always check for leakage. Never enlarge the teat flow holes by any means, as it can damage the teat. Take particular care when heating in a microwave. Always stir heated food to ensure even distribution of temperature and check liquid temperature before giving it to the child. When warming food in a microwave, remember to leave the bottle open. Do not place product in hot oven or heat in a gas/electric cooker. Do not leave a feeding teat in direct sunlight or heat, or leave in disinfectant (“sterilising solution”) for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the teat. It is recommended to replace a teat max. after 2 months of use. Bottle made from Polypropylene.