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Ride-On Car QUAD HZ551 Blue

  • Ride-On Car QUAD HZ551 Blue

    Code: To-Ma-HZ551-Blue
  • The quad hz551 ride-on toy is a great toy for children that helps them learn to walk. The comfortable seat allows you to freely push off with your feet. A stable structure and large wheels will ensure safety and fun. Buttons on the front of the car with sounds and lights will cheer up every child. The storage compartment under the seat will be a place to hide all treasures


    length: 60 cm
    width: 30 cm
    total height: 42 cm
    height from floor to seat: 24 cm
    length: 25 cm
    width: 15 cm
    height: 9 cm
    width: 14 cm
    wheel diameter: 17 cm
    carton dimensions:
    length 60 cm width 25 cm height 30 cm