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Soother Canpol 23/568 OWLS Silikone, symmetrical

  • Soother Canpol 23/568 OWLS Silikone, symmetrical

    Code: Canpol 23/568 Turquoise

    0-6 mon

    2-5 working days
  • Symmetrically shaped nipple is made of the highest quality, safe and gentle silicone, odorless and tasteless, which makes it easier for the baby to accept the soother. Ventilated holes in the shield ensure free breathing and swallowing of saliva. Specially designed shape of the shield minimizes the imprinting of the soother on the baby's delicate face, preventing irritation.
    Convenient soother holder allows you to attach the soother holder and makes it easier to give it to the baby.
    Glowing in the dark shield makes it easy to find the soother at night. Canpol babies symmetrical soother 0-6m EXOTIC is durable and resistant to deformation.
    Canpol babies symmetrical silicone soother 0-6m EXOTIC is safe and easy to keep clean - it can be disinfected in boiling water and in the sterilizer.
    Symmetrical soother adapts to the child's mouth well regardless of the way it is placed, and its shape is considered the most physiological and supports the maintenance of the natural sucking rhythm and proper speech development.

    Before the first use of the product, boil it in hot water for 5 minutes. Then, after cooling, squeeze out the remain-ing water. This is essential for hygiene.
    Before each use, wash the soother with warm water. Pour with boiling water.
    The soother can be disinfected in steam/electric sterilizers or the enclosed case, according to the instruc-tions provided.
    For cleaning, do not use antibacterial or abrasive detergents. Too high concentrations of deter-gents can damage plastic parts.
    Do not wash the soother in the dishwasher.
    Do not dip the soother in any sweet liquid or medications as this may cause tooth decay. To ensure the comfort and safety of your baby, replace the soother every 1-2 months.
    If the child places the whole soother in its mouth, DO NOT panic. The soother is de-signed so that a baby can not swallow it. As soon as you notice that your baby has put whole soother in its mouth, remove it as gently as possible.
    Store the soother in a clean, dry and closed case.
    We recommend that the child's weans off the soother by the age of 3.