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Potty Tega TEGGI Grey/White

  • Potty Tega TEGGI Grey/White

    Code: TI-001-106/103
    Light grey
    2-5 working days
  • TEGGI- Innovative potty

    Created to provide comfort and convenience for you and your child
    Teggi potty is a result of cooperation between physiotherapists, designers and parents
    Potty with higher rims for convenience of use
    Optimal physiological position for your child
    Safe and stable design
    Ergonomic shape
    The symmetrical shape of the product allows the child to intuitively find the most comfortable place for themselves.
    Modular construction
    The two-part design helps in cleaning, and the non-slip base ensures safety.
    The Teggi potty is a solution for every parent who wants to support their child in learning independence.
    Fashionable colors
    The colors have been selected in accordance with the current trends, thanks to which the potty becomes a part of the interior of your home.
    The product has been specially designed so that after a period of use as a potty, it can continue to fulfill other / new functions.
    Examples of applications are: a container for detergents, cosmetics, a flower pot. Thanks to this, we do not create unnecessary waste and we care for the natural environment.

    Why Teggi potty is worth choosing?

    Intuitive position
    Thanks to the innovative form, the child easily sits down and gets up in a comfortable and optimal body position. Physiological needs are met in a natural and ergonomic position.
    Optimal size
    Teggi potty has compact build without compromising usability. It’s easy to carry around. Doesn’t take much room in a car or in a stroller.